Girls Night

After doing yoga and having some drinks last night, a girls night in was just what I needed tonight. Alicia, Mal, Becca, Sarah, Ivy, and I ordered in some Dominoes pizza, breadsticks, and Ben & Jerrys ice cream. Yeah, Dominoes definitely delivers ice cream. Probably the greatest idea ever! But we just sat around and started to plan out where we all wanted to travel throughout the semester. I don’t think there are enough weekends for us to go everywhere that we want to. But we’ll make it work. Mal, Brittney, and I just booked our plane tickets for Rome!! We did it through a tour company that was recommended to us by the International Office so it includes 3 nights in a hostel, all of our meal, transportation in Rome, and entrance fees to all of the museums and places we will be going. This is the lazy girl’s way to traveling, which I am all for. Like tomorrow, AIFS has a trip to the Cliffs of Moher planned for us. All I need to do is show up at the bus stop at 9:20. I think I can manage that. So I am going to call it an early night since tomorrow will be a long day. In case you were wondering, movie scenes from Leap Year and Harry Potter were shot at the Cliffs. It’s kinda a big deal. Will write more tomorrow!


About clarson1

I am a student at the University of North Dakota studying Political Science, Public Administration, and International Studies. It's hard to believe, but I am already a senior! Everyone asks me what I want to do with my degree but I am still deciding that myself; maybe grad school or law school, or maybe I'll just stay in Ireland forever. I love to play sports especially tennis, pickleball, and frisbee. Anytime the weather is nice, you will find me outside soaking up some Vitamin D reading a book or chilling with my roomies. When the weather doesn't cooperate, you can find me playing Just Dance on the Wii or baking or watching movies. I am a pretty chill girl but I love to try new things. So, I come!

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