Officially a Galway Girl

As the name of my blog suggested, one of the places I wanted to visit in Ireland was Galway. So I went there on Saturday! Mal and I took a bus to get to the bus station where we waited in line to purchase our ticket. We get in line to load up on the bus when the conductor of the bus said that if we waited 45 mins we could get to Galway before his bus. So we decided to wait the 45 mins for the next bus. While we waited, we were so excited that the Cafe in the station had apple cider. Normally, it’s tea, coffee, or hot chocolate (which I love), but I gotta say I miss hot apple cider on cold days. And here, everyday is a cold day. After so much enthusiasm about cider, the stuff we got wasn’t even that good:( I can’t wait to get home so Mary can make me the good stuff! We got on the bus around 10:15 and got to Galway at about 11:45. The entire bus ride it was blue skies and sun. When we stepped out of the bus, it was cloudy and windy with ominous clouds approaching. But nothing was going to bring down my spirits. Mal and I walked down the cute, quaint streets of Galway. I have to say, Galway is much prettier than Limerick’s downtown. They have so many little shops and performers that will play on the side of the street. Next we hit up Galway Cathedral, which was beautiful. It is an old stone Catholic church with the prettiest stained glass windows. Around 1 we were starving, so we ate at a Italian restaurant where I had spinach ravioli.  C’est bonne! We also saw the St. Nicolas’s Church. By now the wind had picked up and it started to sprinkle. But when you add rain to wind it equals you getting wet no matter where you have your umbrella. This means we went into a couple of shops. I found the one thing that I really wanted on this trip, which is a Claddaugh ring. It is silver and has a marble heart in the center. I thought it was pretty neat to get the ring in Galway since that is where the story originates from. So I have my one big purchase out of the way and some souvenirs for others already too. Now I can just focus on traveling during the weekends. Which Mal and I have decided where we want to go for our longer weekend. But more details to come. When the rain finally subsided, we walked through a farmer’s market and down to Galway Bay. Which would have been prettier if the wind wasn’t trying to knock us down and the clouds would have cleared up. But it was still beautiful. Around 5, we decided that we were ready to head back since we weren’t staying the night in a hostel, so we hopped on the bus and made our way back home. On the bus we ran into Kevan, Becca, and Sarah from our program. Once we got unloaded and had some supper, we went over to their place and played some P & A. Which I ended up as the vice-president. Yay me!

After a long day and night, I ended up sleeping in until 1:30 the next day. Oops. But I made up for it by going to the gym, which was a strugglefest. The rest of the day was uneventful except Mal cooking me supper because she idolizes me;) Pasta with chicken and broccoli and homemade alfredo sauce was just what I needed. Good cookin Mal!! Yesterday I have to say I was a little depressed; I was missing out on Sunday football. Normally I am not the biggest football fan. But when all I get here is rugby and soccer, I miss football and baseball and especially Sioux hockey! I miss American sports haha! But I will survive. I don’t know if my fellow travelers will survive the weather here though. Today it is cloudy, rainy, and the wind is at 25mph with gusts hitting 30mph. Everyone is complaining about how windy it is, but North Dakota has prepared me for weather like this. This is more like a strong breeze to me:)


About clarson1

I am a student at the University of North Dakota studying Political Science, Public Administration, and International Studies. It's hard to believe, but I am already a senior! Everyone asks me what I want to do with my degree but I am still deciding that myself; maybe grad school or law school, or maybe I'll just stay in Ireland forever. I love to play sports especially tennis, pickleball, and frisbee. Anytime the weather is nice, you will find me outside soaking up some Vitamin D reading a book or chilling with my roomies. When the weather doesn't cooperate, you can find me playing Just Dance on the Wii or baking or watching movies. I am a pretty chill girl but I love to try new things. So, I come!

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