School Has Started :(

The semester officially started for me on Monday. I was hoping to convince my professors that since it was Labor day back in the states that I should get the day off. But since I only had one class that lasted for 20 minutes, I won’t complain about that. As it stands, I’ll be taking 5 modules: Intro to Irish Politics, History of Ireland, Irish Language, International Management, and Management Principles. I have to say classes and modules are set up very inconveniently. Instead of having class MWF or TTH, you just have to sign up for 2 lectures and 1 tutorial for a class. Which means the lectures could be on MF or TW at different times in different classrooms in different buildings. It makes no sense at all. Tutorials are like labs so I got to choose the time that best fit with my schedule. But overall, it was a big headache; the only good thing about Irish timetables is that the earliest class is at 9 so I will get to sleep in. So far, the classes have been easy since each professor just goes over the syllabus. But most classes have one test or essay worth 40% and then the final is worth 60%. They don’t do daily/weekly assignments or quizzes. The worst news was that for my management class, on the multiple choice exam, if you get an answer wrong, you get -.5% taken off of your score. We get penalized for guessing…not cool. We’ll see how that goes. I finally got my UL ID card today. Apparently they like super close up pictures of there students. So pretty haha! As of right now, I could get kicked out of the country since I haven’t registered with the police station yet. My appointment is tomorrow, so I’ll get that done and then I’ll be officially welcomed to the country.

We also have all of our roommates; the last girls arrived and she is from India. Our house is complete with 8 students from 7 countries. Tonight Alicia, Alycie, Kendall, Mal, Ivy, and myself are planning a weekend trip to Galway, not Galloway. It’s going to be a blast in a glass!



About clarson1

I am a student at the University of North Dakota studying Political Science, Public Administration, and International Studies. It's hard to believe, but I am already a senior! Everyone asks me what I want to do with my degree but I am still deciding that myself; maybe grad school or law school, or maybe I'll just stay in Ireland forever. I love to play sports especially tennis, pickleball, and frisbee. Anytime the weather is nice, you will find me outside soaking up some Vitamin D reading a book or chilling with my roomies. When the weather doesn't cooperate, you can find me playing Just Dance on the Wii or baking or watching movies. I am a pretty chill girl but I love to try new things. So, I come!

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  1. Have fun in Galway, Claire! Are you going to stay at a hostel?

  2. Some people are staying overnight, but the majority of us are just going to go up for the day. We’ll leave around 8am and then come back around 6.

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